Thursday, March 30, 2006

Nice call

About a month ago, I wrote about my name. Well, not exactly, but I wrote why I am chosing to stick with "KH", or "Buckeye", or "LittleSeaOtter", and well, I'll even respond to "Hey You".

Today, I am flattered to learn that a third grader in Minnesota is chosing to do research on me, as I am an author of a book she is reading. (Not like a real published book. Just a small paperback book that our organization puts out for children.) Anyway, she likes the book and the girl likes the fact that I have visited her classroom a couple of months ago (my job). So, after talking to the teacher, I learned that this little girl has been Googling my name. She gets our work page, which is fine because there's nothing really to hide on that. Thank goodness this blog isn't coming up. Not that there's anything I'm particulary embarrassed about, but still. Third graders do not need to know my weight, what pisses me off, and that I'm experiencing total burnout with my job, etc. Nice call by me, who shall remain nameless.

So, the teacher asked if the girl could email me some questions. That's fine. And yes, I'm still flattered, but relieved this blog isn't listed as mine. Like I said before, Google my first name, and you can figure out who I am.

Being the author that I am (haha!), I did in fact work on my chapter today and actually got a little momentum. Due in two more days. Another haha!

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