Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Old vs The New

Midway through the game, when Connecticut found themselves losing to Albany, M (my slight fiance) & I found ourselves starving as we hadn't eaten dinner yet. We decided to go out to dinner somewhere where the game would be on. We decided Red Robin would be a good choice and started craving the Pot Roast Sandwich.

So, I looked over the menu, decided that indeed the Pot Roast Sandwich was what I wanted and went ahead and ordered it. Yes, that melted cheese over pot roast, with carmelized onions on an onion flavored bun would be great.

Imagine my surprise when the waitress brought me my dinner to see some pot roast on little bagette with brown gravy poured over the pot roast. I'm not a fan of gravy at all, so I'm not at all appetized by the sight. I asked, "Is this my order? Is this the Pot Roast Sandwich?" The waitress replied, "Oh, this is the New Pot Roast Sandwich. We changed it from the old."

I guess I'm just supposed to know that, despite the menu detailing the Pot Roast Sandwich as being melted melted cheese over Pot Roast with carmelized onions on an onion bun. The waitress timidly asked if I would like the Old Pot Roast Sandwich. I said, "Yes, since that is what I ordered and since that's what's on the menu."

So the story concludes with me ending up with me having the mouth-watering Old Pot Roast Sandwich. Delicious indeed.

Now, I don't care if a restaurant changes what it serves. That is totally their right and prerogative. However, when they do make such decisions, their published menu should reflect these decisions, or at the very least, when I ordered the Pot Roast Sandwich the waitress should say something to the effect, "you know, we've changed that a bit. Actually, there's no longer cheese and we cover the meat with this shit-colored gravy."

Not the biggest problem in my life I know. But with such mentality, that very good restaurant will go under, don't you think? And, we've waited so long just to have restaurants to go to in this area. Grr!

Connecticut ended up beating Albany, but it was fun while the upset was still brewing. (Sorry Laura...I was willing to have my bracket busted just to see it)

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Laura said...

I can be generous because uconn pulled it out but man, they had me worried. I had to stop watching for a while!