Monday, March 20, 2006

Losing a Game...That Happens, But Don't Lose Sight of the Season

Well, my beloved Buckeyes lost yesterday to a very talented Georgetown team by the score of 70-52. The result is disappointing, but credit must be given to the Hoyas.

A loss is sad in the NCAA tournament, because we all have a dream that one day, the team we cheer for will be the star of "One Shining Moment". I stay up late each year just to see One Shining Moment and sob like a baby regardless of the team being heralded as National Champs. There's something about those lyrics that just touch my soul, and it is my dream that one day, my Buckeyes will be the stars of that highlight reel. So, when we lose, it just hurts a bit to know that we must wait yet another year for the possibility.

But the possibilty is a long shot. With the way the NCAA tournament is set up, 64 teams lose their final game. Only one team wins their final game. So, 64 teams end their season on a low. We lost yesterday, but we must not lose sight of what a terrific, surprising season the Buckeyes had this year. Nobody, including me, predicted the success that we experienced. At the beginning of the season, we were picked to finish 7th in the Big Ten. WE WON THE BIG TEN! That is huge. The future looks very bright at Ohio State, and I'd like for us to all get over yesterday's loss by realizing that 64 teams are going to feel the same way that we do right now, but we need to remember this team as being true winners and overachievers. They had heart and believed in themselves when nobody else did. All year they heard about the incoming "Thad 5" and played with possible sanctions looming over their heads all year long. And yet, they played together, believed in themselves despite their critics, and gave it their all. So, yes, in their own way, they are true champions, and history will remember this years as being "One Shining Moment" in Buckeye basketball history.

Thank you Seniors, for all you gave through the troubled times and never losing sight of your dreams. I beg of all Buckeye fans to not lose sight of your amazing accomplishments as well.

Now true to Buckeye form, bring on Football!

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