Thursday, August 02, 2007

Otter Say Thanks

Otter Say Thanks
Originally uploaded by Buckeye
This card was made with an image I received from the very kind Jacqueline on SCS. One day out of the blue, she PMed me and offered to send some sea otter images my way, given my screen name is LittleSeaOtter.

Anyway, I love this image. It is one I don't have, but now must have. I colored the image with my neglected Prismacolor pencils.

Perhaps, I am in a sea otter mood right now. I am starting to feel the effects of not going on vacation, and before Sloopy, this would have probably have been an Alaska year. Not that I'm complaining at all about having Sloopy. My life is more enriched and certainly more interesting because of her. Though, I am going through otter withdrawal.

On the job front...heh.