Monday, March 27, 2006

Because I Really Want An IPod

Tomorrow I get to go to the podiatrist and hopefully get to be excused from the boot and the crutches.

All I have done this past month is sit on my butt, either in front of the tv, in front of the computer, or in my stamp room. I have really tried to stay on the eating plan, but I've strayed a bit at times (note to self...just because the teddy bear cookies are only a $1 at Walgreens doesn't mean you need to buy them). I haven't exercised a bit, and I feel as sluggish as ever. I was up 2 lbs again today. This particular March Madness must stop. I weigh now what I weighed in February and it is almost April now. I know I shouldn't beat myself up over this, because the no exercise isn't my fault. But, oh I miss seeing the scale go down.

So, "Because I Really Want An IPod", you all are going to be treated to my eating plan tomorrow. Sorry about that. Just skip over this post if you'd like, but I do way better with a plan. So allow me this, BECAUSE I REALLY WANT AN IPOD!

Slice of Cheese=2 (I see protein)
Yogurt w/flax=3 (I see some more protein. Gotta love Carb Master Yogurt. And flax, score some points for the flax!)

Tuna=2 (More protein)
SF Jello=0

Max & Erma's Erma Burger and Onion Rings=14 (because I haven't had a real restaurant meal in over a month because of the foot. And, I detect some protein in that burger).

SF Pudding=2

Total=23 WW points

And, there will be water. Before every Coke Zero (which has totally become addicting) there will be at least 12 ounces of water. Because that's just the right thing to do, and BECAUSE I REALLY WANT AN IPOD.

Now, back to the regular blog.

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