Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Layout Challenged

Penny Black/Drinking Lemonade
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Nothing much new to report. I'm doing a lot of "working from home" this week because of the foot. I guess I'm very lucky I have a job that will let me do that. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I'm getting a lot of cardmaking accomplished, but I'm not too pleased at where I am in terms of my rubberstamping. I spend hours looking at stamping magazines, surfing Two Peas just gazing at the samples. And, whenever I try to create a card, I am very "layout challenged". For me, I stamp the image, color, and then put in the center of the card, and use some frames around the image. I just don't know where to go from here. Is this a normal frustration? I guess I just don't yet see beyond the central image. I don't scrapbook, so maybe that's one reason why this may be true, but even whenever I am given a layout challenge on Two Peas, I simply can't follow it, without forcing it.

I am pleased with my coloring of images, lately. Guess I need to focus on the positive. For instance, this Penny Black image was colored with Peerless Water Colors, which I haven't used much because of past frustrations.

Maybe that's it. I guess, the key is to never give up, and that eventually, I'll grow out of my frustrations.

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Laura said...

I hear you on the layouts - I keep a notebook with tons of sketches and have to remind myself to continually browse through it or otherwise I go back to the same basic arrangement on my stuff. I really like your water coloring - came out fantastic and very natural looking.