Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May In Review

Unless something earth-shattering happens in the next day (I'll come back and edit of course), here's my month in review.

Best Day-I think I would say May 20th. This was the day M got to meet Trela. We had a great, leisurely drive over, stopped for delicious pastries at Kennedy's (I rarely allow myself this treat), shopped at Trela's, shopped at Cabela's, ate at Mickey D's (I rarely allow myself this choice), picked up some Wise Brand Onion Rings at a gas station (childhood memories), etc. Just a great day all the way around. It was kinda like an "All About Me Day", except maybe for the Cabela's part.

Also, gotta love May 8th, because that's when I ordered my season football tickets. I hope "same seats as last year, please" will work.

Biggest Accomplishment-Getting my stamping room organized. It was exhausting, but mission accomplished! I love it!

Biggest Surprise-Chris Daughtery getting voted off American Idol so early. WOW! I was happy to see Taylor win it though, over Katharine. And just call me "Paula" because whenever I see Elliott I just cry. I love thinking about all he has accomplished. I had no clue I'd get so attached to the Top 10 finalists. I'm actually thinking about seeing them in concert this summer.

Areas of Learning-Nada.

Books Read-Assessing Writers by Carl Anderson. I had to read this for work because he will be a guest speaker on May 31.

Looking Ahead to June-Will have a very busy June due to a crazy first half of the month at work. There is no way to plan or prepare (like I would do such a thing anyway...LOL), for all of the chaos. Yearly madness before some summer relaxation. Also, will be spending some time in Cincinnati at a conference. Love Cincy because of Stamp Your Art Out, Jungle Jim's, and LaRosa's. And, June 30th....Chicago concert! Summer is not summer without a Chicago concert. Also, June 5th is my first day back at Curves. May the pounds shed because of exercise, because without exercise, that scale isn't budging. I WANT A CAMERA!

Monday, May 29, 2006

A Work Of/For Art!

My Stamp Display Shelves
Originally uploaded by Buckeye.
You may have noticed I haven't been posting many rubber stamping creations for over a month now. What was happening was I was feeling overwhelmed by my stamping room. It was in total chaos. I'm challenged when it comes to organization anyway, and the quantity of stamps and the multitude of supplies were actually hindering me. The room was a mess and I just couldn't create. Everytime I went in there I was simply reminded of what a failure I really am when it comes to having a home for everything.

I enlisted M's help. I brought him up to the stamp room, which was something I rarely do, as I didn't want anyone to see the mess.

He suggested that we build some shelves and take all of the rubber stamps out of the plastic drawers. He thought if they were displayed I'd be more apt to use them.

We did internet searches looking at stamp rooms and he set out to build me some shelves.

In about a week, the shelves were done, and then it came to time to put the stamps on the shelves. I took care of that task, and became almost sick to my stomach that I had so many stamps. At least in drawers I could hide the fact. These stamps on the shelves represent a huge $ investment. The very next day, after I had put all of the stamps on the shelves, Trela called with her news of her closing. I was worried that I couldn't buy much from her because M would have to build even more shelves.

Fast forward to today....yes, I did buy some stamps from Trela on my two trips to her store and managed to find a spot for them on the shelves. I organized all of my paper on the paper display case I bought off of Trela, and then I put all of my supplies away in what used to house my stamps. This is the first time ever, that everything has a place. (Now on to the rest of the house, LOL!)

Please go to my Flickr site and visit the pictures of my "Stamp Studio". This is a huge accomplishment for me. It just screams "create" now. I think I might actually name this room....in the past it has been "The Stamp Room", today in writing I'm calling it "My Stamp Studio"....though I think it needs a special name....Any suggestions? My Play Room? Retreat?

I am so proud and amazed with the way it looks right now. I am promising myself (and M) that I will work hard to keep it this way.

Stay tuned for some creations. I can play again!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

More Miles Traveled

Saturday, M and I drove over to the stamp store to pick up a paper storage unit that Trela sold me.

It was nice to be in the store again, but certainly not so nice on the wallet, as I found some more stamps that I "needed". Geesh! I shouldn't buy another thing for the rest of the year. (Though I know I will...especially at Stampaway in August). What was really nice was seeing Trela again, and M got to finally meet her and see the store. I've dragged him to some stamp stores all over the country during our travels, and he agrees...this one is a jewel.

Anyway, I thought it was sweet of M to look past the high cost of fuel, the near 500 miles of driving to and back in one day, just to have a day that was pretty much catered to me. (Though we did spend an hour at Cabela's on the way home). Thanks M!

I'll post a picture of the storage unit soon, just as soon as I decide where to put it and get it loaded.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Closing a Store, Not a Friendship

Stamp Store
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This is Trela. She's the owner of a stamp store I absolutely love. Last Saturday, she called me to tell let me know that she's decided to close the store.

Now, the store is in a different state and is a 3 hour and 45 minute drive from my house. She called to see if I could come to the store, so that I can take advantage of the her closing sale before she announced the closing to the public. So, I took Wednesday off and went to Trela's.

I first met Trela two years ago when I somehow happened upon her store when I was visiting schools in her area. I was in the store for just 10 minutes and we were already fast friends. She told me to get in her car, she'd feed me dinner at her house, and then we'd have stamping class after that back at the store. Yes, that was just after knowing her for 10 minutes. Now I normally don't get into a stranger's car and go to a stranger's house, but she didn't feel like a stranger. My gut told me to trust her and I am so glad I did.

Her store is absolutely amazing. It is jammed pack with beautiful stamps and her beautiful work. But, her heart is even more packed. She's full of stories and smiles for all who enter, including me.

It is because of her that I pursued and had a breast reduction. She had shared her former size with me during that first evening that I spent with her, and it just happened to be my then size, exactly. Not to be weird, but I loved her "new girls" and got excited that maybe someday I could have little ones like that too. She gave me courage.

After that first trip to her store, I considered myself a rubber stamper. I had only played around a bit prior, but she helped me learn to love the hobby. She gave me a passion and a "release".

I visited the store every time I was on business in her town, which was about two times a year for the past couple years. She gave me something to look forward to, rather than an boring hotel room, after a grueling day of work at the schools.

The past two times I've driven the 3 3/4 hours just to be in her store, not for school business. She now insists I stay in her lovely home. She's given me a friendship I treasure.

I've always wanted to be Trela in a way. Beautiful house, beautiful family, beautiful store. If I'm honest with myself, I would love to open a stamp store. But, I think Trela's decision to close is teaching me that it is best to keep rubber stamping as a hobby rather than sign up for it to be a job.

The best rubber stamping store that I've ever been to is closing. However, the friendship will continue. I wish Trela nothing but the best. I support her decision, and thank her for the mysterious way she's influenced my life. Really, she's the role model for the person I'd like to be...not in a rubber stamp store owner, beautiful house owner sense, but in the kind-hearted sense.

Monday, May 08, 2006

My Walk Around Ohio Stadium

Ohio Stadium
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When I got off of work on Friday, I was still feeling pretty down. As I was leaving the office, I decided that maybe I needed a walk. It was such a beautiful evening, and I really didn't have anything to do, since M had other obligations. So, I drove over to Ohio Stadium and walked around the outside of the stadium once. It was rather theraputic. Reminded me of why I remain at my job. Reminded me of something very special. It was actually neat to have a camera along with me, allowing me to notice things I normally don't see when there are 105,000 other people around. Special place, it is. Shrine-like. I*LOVE*THIS*PLACE! There is no place I'd rather be. I need to take more time to walk around The 'Shoe.

I downloaded all my "Walk Around Ohio Stadium" pictures on Flickr. I finally broke down and bought a Pro Membership this past weekend.

Thursday, May 04, 2006


This is a quick post.

I just needed to check in and quickly scream, pout and cry. I am having a terrible week at work. As I was working with a group of teachers, I became the recipient of 15 sets of eyes shooting daggers at me. I'm telling you, I'm not feeling the love, and I know they think I'm a bitch. And, since this is my blog, I'll say their feelings are totally unfounded.

I'm looking forward to decompressing this weekend. 3:00 can't get here quick enough.

Monday, May 01, 2006

April In Review

First of all, I can't even believe April is over and I'm doing this review. Where the hell did April go?

April in Review

Best Day-April 5. I enjoyed a lot of great days in April, but I must say I enjoyed Coach Tressel's "Girls Night Out~Football 101" the most. The event was just made for me, and just confirmed for me how special it is to be a part of the Buckeye Nation. Runners up include Easter, because it was just great to eat a home cooked meal, The Ohio State Spring Game, and Adventures in Stamping in Akron.

Biggest Accomplishment-Well, this isn't really *my* accomplishment, but I think that it just rocks that Ohio State had 9 players drafted in football. I would think now that Coach Tressel could just ask a potential recruit if he's interested in playing in the NFL after college, and if so, just sign on the dotted line to be a Buckeye. We're an NFL factory! (and yes, that's a good thing!) Looking back, I would say my biggest accomplishment was getting my taxes done, but then again, *I* didn't accomplish that either. Come to think of it, I didn't accomplish a damn thing in April. (No, my chapter isn't done yet.)

Biggest Surprise-That IPod accessories are ridiculously overpriced, but needed in order to protect your investment. Geesh!

Areas of Learning-For Adventures in Stamping in Akron, I was able to do a make it/take it with Kevin from Stampscapes. I have previously been rather intimidated by scenic stamping, however, at this convention I was able to get close enough to his booth (as it is always way crowded in Cincy), and he helped to demystify the process for me.

Books Read-"Second Helpings" by Megan McCafferty. That's it. I think I'm officially in a reading funk. I'm actually thinking it is because reading reminds me of work, and right now I'm just feeling a little burned out by work. I'm sure I'll be exploring that issue later if it doesn't go away. I'm hoping that with a little summer break it will. But, just wanted to share, "Second Helpings" is an excellent book.

Looking Ahead to May-Well, I'd better get that chapter done, or else I'm going to be looking for another job. And, I can't let that happen because my extrinsic motivation for working at theOSU comes into play this month, as it is the month we order Faculty/Staff Season Tickets. I am hula-hooping right now for fitness, and hope to be back at Curves by the end of the month. Right now I have good days and some sore days with my foot.