Sunday, January 29, 2006

PEEP Season

PEEP Season
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I can't believe this. They're here. And it is only January 29. Usually, they don't appear until after February 14.

As you can guess, I have issues with PEEPs given my "sugar sensitivity". I knew that the PEEPs would be a challenge, as those yellow chicks just call my name each year. I had actually planned that my fiance would do my grocery shopping for me during PEEP season this year, as I pretty much have no control when it come to PEEPs. I just wasn't expecting to see them yet!

A victory...I didn't purchase them, though my fiance steered me clear of them. I was tempted. He read me the label. 32 grams of sugar for 5 yellow chicks. Is it any wonder I love these birds?

Wish me luck. If I beat PEEP season, I will have accomplished something big.

Update on the diet: lost one pound over the weekend, for a total of seven pounds down. Need to get more cardio in my life. For some reason, I just don't want to move.

Note: These are some PEEP glasses I bought earlier in the day at Big Lots. I can by all the nonedible stuff I want!

Stampin' Up

Stampin' Up
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On Friday night, I went to my very first Stampin Up party. I had hoped I would learn something new, but I really didn't. The demonstrator kept it very basic, as you can see. We made a friendship card and a Valentine treat bag. I won the doorprize which was the small leaf stamp. I kept my spending under control and just bought a couple of stamp sets, one being the fish set which I have admired for years. The other being some verse stamps.

What was nice about the party was that I got to see some of the teachers I used to work with at the school I used to teach at.

All in all, it was a good evening.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

No Thank You & Thank You

Let's do a little celebrating in other ways, since the scale still remains stuck on 184.

"No Thank You"...

said by me to the ice cream cake from DQ that was brought into work yesterday.

said by me to the chocolate chip cookie from Grinders that someone brought to me (of course, I said thanks and was grateful for the thoughtfulness behind the gesture, however, I ended up giving the cookie away to the janitor after everyone else was gone).

"Thank You"...

to the co-worker who noticed I was losing weight.

Sometimes, you just have to celebrate the non-number kind of things. Being a literacy specialist, I'm not good with numbers anyway. LOL!

Monday, January 23, 2006


This post is merely a place for me to vent.

I have no time to do my work, in a quality manner. There are too many things that I am being asked to do, pretty much because the powers that be are pretty out of touch with reality. I'm flying by the seat of my pants.

I have been as good as gold with the eating...and hardly any loss. Barely made a one pound loss over the course of the week. Pathetic really. I hate when my body sssssllllllooooowwwwsss down the weight loss. When I bragged last week, I told you this would happen.

Saying prayers for my Neighbor, who had a lung transplant in December 2004. Right now, he is experiencing complications. Puts it all into perspective I guess.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Washing Machine Wobbles

Washing Machine Wobbles
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I spent most of the week in Minnesota on business. Before I left for the snowy tundra, I did a lot of laundry, so much so that one of the legs on my washer became loose. I tried to tighten the bolt on the leg myself, but to no avail. So, I did the next best thing...I grabbed a book and temporarily solved the problem. I told my fiance that I would really appreciate it if he would tighten the leg to the washer while I was gone.

So, did he?

No. He said that when he went to the basement to fix the problem, he couldn't stop laughing. He found the title of the book quite amusing, given what the book was being used for at the moment. He didn't want to fix the problem until after I took a picture of it.

Geesh! Men.

Love is Prickly

Love is Prickly
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Here is my attempt for the January Sketch #3 for Two Peas. I found it very challenging, though I think the hedgehog image is absolutely perfect for this gatefold card. The inside of the card opens up to a heart down where the hedgehogs are kissing. Colored with Copic Markers. Right now, I am enjoying these challenges very much as a way to pass the weekend without getting what I should be getting finished know, things like laundry, cleaning, work, etc. The perfect distraction.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Five Pounds Down!

185. I hesitate to brag and be all cocky because oftentimes when I have in the past things turn the other way, but I lost 5 pounds this past week, just by adding some protein and watching the sugar intake. Too cool! This week's health and fitness goals include increasing water intake. And making it to Curves three days this week, and jumping on the treadmill whenever I can. Wish me luck, and to all of you wishful shrinkers I wish you luck too. Like the sign in my local Curves says, "bathing suit season is just 5 months away".


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Here is a card I made this weekend. Used layout from Two Peas January Sketch #2. I'm calling it "cupid". I first attempted to color the image with oil pastels like Laura Jacobs does from Bugawumps , as I so very much admire her style. Wasn't too successful, so I switched over to my reliable Copic markers. If anyone has any hints at all on how to use oil pastels when coloring images, I'd welcome any comments. Makes me almost want to email Laura Jacobs and ask her for advice. Oh, how I would love to take a class from her. Oh well, at least I have a Valentine Card done. I'm never this ahead.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Weekend To-Do List

1. Go to Curves on Saturday, seeing as how I didn't make it Friday evening. The shortened hours on Friday irk me, but then again, who but me would want to work our at 8:00 pm on a Saturday night? Speaks volumes for my life, huh?

I'm such a liar! I didn't make it to Curves, just couldn't get out of bed before noon.

2. Laundry, more laundry, and even more laundry.

I'd say I did "laundry, more laundry", but didn't get to the "even more laundry" part.

3. Plan presentation for conference in a couple weeks. I do have enough material to get started. Should I try a PowerPoint (gulp), or stick with overhead transpariences, used by the technologically challenged, which in this area, I am.

You didn't really think I'd do this one did you? So very disappointed that I wasted a very precious three day weekend, and didn't touch this one bit. Does thinking about it count?

4. Delurk on a couple of blogs that I read, cause it would be the nice thing to do. Did you know, it is National Delurking Week? If anyone is even reading this less than one week old blog, feel free to leave a comment in the spirit of National Delurking Week.

I did delurk a bit, and certainly appreciated the comments I received here.

5. Make a card using the January Sketch #2 on Two Peas. I'd like to start doing this, because I believe I need to get better with my card layouts.


6. Try a card using Art Impressions watercolor method.

Will try this next weekend

I'm going to stop there. I'd be very satified with all of these items completed.

Project Unsweetened is going okay. I'm really liking the breakfast protein, though finding myself in Dayton today, I just had to go to LaRosas. Had to. Nuff said. It was good. Ate a bit more than I should have. Will get back on track....I promise myself. Will get on the treadmill tonight before going to bed to do a little damage control.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

2006 Fiesta Bowl

My Great Seats
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I've finally uploaded some pictures of the 2006 Fiesta Bowl over at Flickr for all to enjoy.

Congratulations to the 2006 Fiesta Bowl Champions, The Ohio State Buckeyes!

Here's wishing the Buckeyes a return trip to the desert in 2007!

Say Cheese

Just a quick note before turning in.

Usually for breakfast, I have typically have grabbed the first thing in site. Way too many times, that has been something that isn't such a smart choice....a handful of sugary cereal, candy, PEEPs, marshmallows, cake, etc. Consequently, this has usually led me to say "the hell with it" and overeat the rest of the day since I'd already blown it.

What I have done the past two mornings, I have planned that first bite. I have a slice of cheese. 5 grams of protein. I eat it as I prepare my protein-rich breakfast. It is really helping me get off to the right start each day.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Time for bed. Just thought I'd make it public that the eating plan went very well today. I'm already planned out for tomorrow. I won't spare you with the details of it like I did in a previous post (let me know if you all want me to do that), but I just wanted to say that eating protein made me feel satisfied. I didn't "graze" or even want to eat empty calories. What a major victory.

Gotta go to work tomorrow, and have a very busy week ahead at work. I've pretty much been off for three weeks, so getting back into a routine isn't going to be pleasant. I've got my days and nights mixed up, but we'll work on that a bit all in good time.

Thought of a couple more "rewards" for significant poundage lost. I'm still sticking with the IPod plan, but future reward motivators perhaps should include a printer/scanner contraption, seeing as how I made my very first post on Two Peas today. Also, a Y membership might be nice. I know, why not get the Y membership now? Well, because it is major bucks. Want to make sure I'm serious, and would like to have it as a maintenance type of plan. Whatever happened to the cheap YMCA of the past? Now it is like a "who's who" type of establishment. Geesh! Oh well, I still have Curves, and will definitely be there tomorrow evening.

Have a good one. Night night.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Thank You, Vince Young

Dear Vince Young,

Congratulations on winning the 2005 National Championship. You and your teammates truly deserved it, as you earned it this past Wednesday evening against USC, and way back on September 10th in the 'Shoe.

On behalf of Buckeye fans everywhere, we'd like to thank you very much for declaring yourself eligible for the NFL draft. It is the right decision for you as you will be a multi-millionaire just for signing your name in April.

Bye Bye Vince.

The Buckeye Nation

Note to Self...Now that Vince is gone, start saving for trip to Austin on September 9th. We now stand a chance, thanks to Vince's decision to turn pro.

Cactus Card

Cactus Thank You Card
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This is a thank you card for the very nice people who loaned us their house in Fountain Hills, AZ last week. I tried to use the Terry Medaris coloring technique that Judy at Arizona Stampworks so graciously demonstrated for me. Not quite got it mastered, but I'm fairly happy with the results. I bought a lot of cactus stamps, as I was fascinated with all of the real cacti I saw.

Protein Power

I recently have been skimming "Potatoes, Not Prozac" and "Your Last Diet" and I'm now convinced that I'm a sugar addict...given my constant cravings for PEEPS, marshmallows, birthday cake, etc. I gained significant weight last year, much to my dismay, because I starved myself at the beginning of the year to get approved for breast reduction surgery, and then ate, ate, ate afterwards. I've got to get back to eating healthier, but I just don't want to count points anymore and starve again and then overeat. It is a vicious cycle. Been there, done that.

So, there are 7 Steps, according to the book, that I must take on overtime.

Sunday begins the incorporation of protein at breakfast. I will get some significant protein in at this meal, so that I can begin to change my body on the inside. Then, I will switch over and count points the rest of the day. Eventually, I'll be incorporating all seven steps. I'm sure I'll be talking more about these steps in this blog. Stay tuned.

Right now, it's all about the protein. I'm going to begin to count protein grams all day.

Here we go.

French Toast (2 Slices of Sugarfree Whole Grain Bread, 1/2 Cup of Egg Beaters, a touch of vanilla, Sugarfree Syrup)
Cheese Slice
27 grams of protein!/6 points

Curves Protein Shake-4 points

Subway 6inch Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich with lots of peppers-7 points
BBQ Baked Lays-3 points