Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February in Review

February in Review

Best Day-I don't think any actually stand out this month. It was a busy, busy month. One more month to go of hectic schedule, then things should slow down. I'll say February 25 was the best. Why? Because I went out for a snack with my Neighbor, the one who was having complications with his lung transplant. I'm glad he's home and doing better.

Biggest Accomplishment-Shedding another 6 lbs with my high protein, no sugar approach to eating. I only felt hungry during TOM. Not bad, really. Also, I'm starting to take a likening to black beans.

Biggest Surprise-Ohio State Basketball. Kinda fun having a winning team to cheer for during the football offseason. Let's hope for some madness in March!

Areas of Learning-I don't think I learned a damn thing. Too busy surviving. Actually, I learned a bit about the Writing Program sold by Calkins. I'm not that impressed. Also learned the New Balance 853s are worth their price in gold.

Books Read-One for the Money, by Janet Evanovich. Different from what I normally read, though pleasant.

Looking Ahead to March-College Basketball. I love March Madness, filling out the brackets, cheering for the underdogs when they play the big hammers. It makes the month interesting, and it helps it go by quickly. I'll be a tad nervous *if* the Buckeyes get into the tournament as I can hardly watch Buckeye basketball. I get way too nervous. Basketball is such a quickly paced game. I deal much better with the think time football allows. Also, need to get some cardio in my life. I know I said that for February, but this March I truly mean it. Time to kick into high gear, my fitness quest. Perhaps set a minigoal for the treadmill, which would be rewarded by a weighted hula hoop.

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