Friday, March 31, 2006

March in Review

March in Review

Best Day-March 5. The Ohio State Men's Basketball Team won the Big 10. Granted, after tournament play, the Big 10 really wasn't all that impressive. But at least we can brag, "We Suck the Least!". In all honesty though, a very heartfelt congratulations to them. Thanks for putting the program back where it should be, and setting the benchmark for many years to come. And congratulations to scUM's basketball team for being the 67th best team in the nation. Ha!

Biggest Accomplishment-I don't want this to sound like a big accomplishment or anything in the sense that I'm like really working on some insurmountable task, but I'd like to acknowledge that M and I are getting along better than we have in years. I'm very happy about this.

Biggest Surprise-"You have a stress fracture in your foot. For the next month, you can't bear weight on your right foot."

Areas of Learning-How to make mosaics on Flickr. So cool, and so many possibilities.

Books Read-Not one book! But, my goodness, I logged some significant time on the web this month. Does that count as reading? I sound like a kid, don't I?

Looking Ahead to April-I have to do all of the school visits that I cancelled in March, so that will make the month go rather quickly because I'm going to be busy. I'm most looking forward to the Ohio State Spring Game and Adventures in Stamping in Akron. My biggest hope for April is to shed some weight and perhaps get that IPod that is now one month later than planned. I really miss exercising, so when I do get to do it again, you all slap me when I whine and complain about it! I really do need to start food journaling again, just to check on myself since I don't have exercise to fall back on. Don't be surprised to see some more daily menus appearing in April.

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