Friday, March 31, 2006

March in Review

March in Review

Best Day-March 5. The Ohio State Men's Basketball Team won the Big 10. Granted, after tournament play, the Big 10 really wasn't all that impressive. But at least we can brag, "We Suck the Least!". In all honesty though, a very heartfelt congratulations to them. Thanks for putting the program back where it should be, and setting the benchmark for many years to come. And congratulations to scUM's basketball team for being the 67th best team in the nation. Ha!

Biggest Accomplishment-I don't want this to sound like a big accomplishment or anything in the sense that I'm like really working on some insurmountable task, but I'd like to acknowledge that M and I are getting along better than we have in years. I'm very happy about this.

Biggest Surprise-"You have a stress fracture in your foot. For the next month, you can't bear weight on your right foot."

Areas of Learning-How to make mosaics on Flickr. So cool, and so many possibilities.

Books Read-Not one book! But, my goodness, I logged some significant time on the web this month. Does that count as reading? I sound like a kid, don't I?

Looking Ahead to April-I have to do all of the school visits that I cancelled in March, so that will make the month go rather quickly because I'm going to be busy. I'm most looking forward to the Ohio State Spring Game and Adventures in Stamping in Akron. My biggest hope for April is to shed some weight and perhaps get that IPod that is now one month later than planned. I really miss exercising, so when I do get to do it again, you all slap me when I whine and complain about it! I really do need to start food journaling again, just to check on myself since I don't have exercise to fall back on. Don't be surprised to see some more daily menus appearing in April.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Sign of Things To Come?

This Billboard Cracks Me Up!
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I've driven by this billboard for the past two months, vowing that when it is sunny, I'll take a picture of it. I was getting a bit nervous, for fear that it would be taken down before we had a sunny, we have gray winters and never, ever see the sun.

Well, today was the day the sun was finally shining. And, today was the first day of Ohio State's Spring Football practice. Coincidence? Is this a sign that our future looks bright? Is the fact that it was sunny today and it was the first day of practice symbolic in any way? We better be hitting the Wolverines, real hard, in November. And we took that first step today in getting ready for that classic battle.

Nice call

About a month ago, I wrote about my name. Well, not exactly, but I wrote why I am chosing to stick with "KH", or "Buckeye", or "LittleSeaOtter", and well, I'll even respond to "Hey You".

Today, I am flattered to learn that a third grader in Minnesota is chosing to do research on me, as I am an author of a book she is reading. (Not like a real published book. Just a small paperback book that our organization puts out for children.) Anyway, she likes the book and the girl likes the fact that I have visited her classroom a couple of months ago (my job). So, after talking to the teacher, I learned that this little girl has been Googling my name. She gets our work page, which is fine because there's nothing really to hide on that. Thank goodness this blog isn't coming up. Not that there's anything I'm particulary embarrassed about, but still. Third graders do not need to know my weight, what pisses me off, and that I'm experiencing total burnout with my job, etc. Nice call by me, who shall remain nameless.

So, the teacher asked if the girl could email me some questions. That's fine. And yes, I'm still flattered, but relieved this blog isn't listed as mine. Like I said before, Google my first name, and you can figure out who I am.

Being the author that I am (haha!), I did in fact work on my chapter today and actually got a little momentum. Due in two more days. Another haha!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Because I Really Want An IPod

Tomorrow I get to go to the podiatrist and hopefully get to be excused from the boot and the crutches.

All I have done this past month is sit on my butt, either in front of the tv, in front of the computer, or in my stamp room. I have really tried to stay on the eating plan, but I've strayed a bit at times (note to self...just because the teddy bear cookies are only a $1 at Walgreens doesn't mean you need to buy them). I haven't exercised a bit, and I feel as sluggish as ever. I was up 2 lbs again today. This particular March Madness must stop. I weigh now what I weighed in February and it is almost April now. I know I shouldn't beat myself up over this, because the no exercise isn't my fault. But, oh I miss seeing the scale go down.

So, "Because I Really Want An IPod", you all are going to be treated to my eating plan tomorrow. Sorry about that. Just skip over this post if you'd like, but I do way better with a plan. So allow me this, BECAUSE I REALLY WANT AN IPOD!

Slice of Cheese=2 (I see protein)
Yogurt w/flax=3 (I see some more protein. Gotta love Carb Master Yogurt. And flax, score some points for the flax!)

Tuna=2 (More protein)
SF Jello=0

Max & Erma's Erma Burger and Onion Rings=14 (because I haven't had a real restaurant meal in over a month because of the foot. And, I detect some protein in that burger).

SF Pudding=2

Total=23 WW points

And, there will be water. Before every Coke Zero (which has totally become addicting) there will be at least 12 ounces of water. Because that's just the right thing to do, and BECAUSE I REALLY WANT AN IPOD.

Now, back to the regular blog.

Final Four

Final Four
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Okay, raise your hands if you had these picks. I don't think anyone in America did.

I think it will be a fun Final Four. I think the title is up for grabs, and will share that I'll be pulling for LSU, cause they did the whole world a favor by beating Texas. Texas doesn't need two National Championships at one time. And, like everybody, I'll also be pulling for George Mason, the little 11 seed that could.

I can't wait for the games. If they are anything like this past weekend's games, we're in for a treat.

This Week's "To Do"

I've got a semi-busy week coming up, with a couple tasks I am just loathing. So, I thought I'd create a "To Do" list for a little inventory, motivation, and accountability.

1. Finish chapter for book. Due March 31. This is for work so don't get all excited that I'm an author of some interesting novel. We are writing a book on writing instruction (grades K-3) to generate some money at work. Don't I just love working for a nonprofit organization? I have never written anything before for publication, and though I think I'm a good writer, I really don't like doing it. At all.

2. Finish taxes. Due April 15, but I want this done way before that! M began looking at all of my paperwork tonight. He thinks I'll get back about $400, which is significantly down from last year. How can that happen?

Well that's enough on the list, isn't it? I really don't like either one, so crossing off either one will be a sense of accomplishment.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Layout Challenged

Penny Black/Drinking Lemonade
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Nothing much new to report. I'm doing a lot of "working from home" this week because of the foot. I guess I'm very lucky I have a job that will let me do that. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I'm getting a lot of cardmaking accomplished, but I'm not too pleased at where I am in terms of my rubberstamping. I spend hours looking at stamping magazines, surfing Two Peas just gazing at the samples. And, whenever I try to create a card, I am very "layout challenged". For me, I stamp the image, color, and then put in the center of the card, and use some frames around the image. I just don't know where to go from here. Is this a normal frustration? I guess I just don't yet see beyond the central image. I don't scrapbook, so maybe that's one reason why this may be true, but even whenever I am given a layout challenge on Two Peas, I simply can't follow it, without forcing it.

I am pleased with my coloring of images, lately. Guess I need to focus on the positive. For instance, this Penny Black image was colored with Peerless Water Colors, which I haven't used much because of past frustrations.

Maybe that's it. I guess, the key is to never give up, and that eventually, I'll grow out of my frustrations.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Losing a Game...That Happens, But Don't Lose Sight of the Season

Well, my beloved Buckeyes lost yesterday to a very talented Georgetown team by the score of 70-52. The result is disappointing, but credit must be given to the Hoyas.

A loss is sad in the NCAA tournament, because we all have a dream that one day, the team we cheer for will be the star of "One Shining Moment". I stay up late each year just to see One Shining Moment and sob like a baby regardless of the team being heralded as National Champs. There's something about those lyrics that just touch my soul, and it is my dream that one day, my Buckeyes will be the stars of that highlight reel. So, when we lose, it just hurts a bit to know that we must wait yet another year for the possibility.

But the possibilty is a long shot. With the way the NCAA tournament is set up, 64 teams lose their final game. Only one team wins their final game. So, 64 teams end their season on a low. We lost yesterday, but we must not lose sight of what a terrific, surprising season the Buckeyes had this year. Nobody, including me, predicted the success that we experienced. At the beginning of the season, we were picked to finish 7th in the Big Ten. WE WON THE BIG TEN! That is huge. The future looks very bright at Ohio State, and I'd like for us to all get over yesterday's loss by realizing that 64 teams are going to feel the same way that we do right now, but we need to remember this team as being true winners and overachievers. They had heart and believed in themselves when nobody else did. All year they heard about the incoming "Thad 5" and played with possible sanctions looming over their heads all year long. And yet, they played together, believed in themselves despite their critics, and gave it their all. So, yes, in their own way, they are true champions, and history will remember this years as being "One Shining Moment" in Buckeye basketball history.

Thank you Seniors, for all you gave through the troubled times and never losing sight of your dreams. I beg of all Buckeye fans to not lose sight of your amazing accomplishments as well.

Now true to Buckeye form, bring on Football!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Old vs The New

Midway through the game, when Connecticut found themselves losing to Albany, M (my slight fiance) & I found ourselves starving as we hadn't eaten dinner yet. We decided to go out to dinner somewhere where the game would be on. We decided Red Robin would be a good choice and started craving the Pot Roast Sandwich.

So, I looked over the menu, decided that indeed the Pot Roast Sandwich was what I wanted and went ahead and ordered it. Yes, that melted cheese over pot roast, with carmelized onions on an onion flavored bun would be great.

Imagine my surprise when the waitress brought me my dinner to see some pot roast on little bagette with brown gravy poured over the pot roast. I'm not a fan of gravy at all, so I'm not at all appetized by the sight. I asked, "Is this my order? Is this the Pot Roast Sandwich?" The waitress replied, "Oh, this is the New Pot Roast Sandwich. We changed it from the old."

I guess I'm just supposed to know that, despite the menu detailing the Pot Roast Sandwich as being melted melted cheese over Pot Roast with carmelized onions on an onion bun. The waitress timidly asked if I would like the Old Pot Roast Sandwich. I said, "Yes, since that is what I ordered and since that's what's on the menu."

So the story concludes with me ending up with me having the mouth-watering Old Pot Roast Sandwich. Delicious indeed.

Now, I don't care if a restaurant changes what it serves. That is totally their right and prerogative. However, when they do make such decisions, their published menu should reflect these decisions, or at the very least, when I ordered the Pot Roast Sandwich the waitress should say something to the effect, "you know, we've changed that a bit. Actually, there's no longer cheese and we cover the meat with this shit-colored gravy."

Not the biggest problem in my life I know. But with such mentality, that very good restaurant will go under, don't you think? And, we've waited so long just to have restaurants to go to in this area. Grr!

Connecticut ended up beating Albany, but it was fun while the upset was still brewing. (Sorry Laura...I was willing to have my bracket busted just to see it)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Picks

Thought I'd better make my Final Four picks public before the games begin.

Here they are...

1. Ohio State
2. Duke
3. UConn
4. Gonzaga

So, its really a combination of using my head, and a little bit of listening to my heart's desire. Can you tell which pick is from the heart?

Time to dance.

Oh the Drama

Hopped (literally!) on the scale this morning. I lost those 2 lbs that I gained. Go figure. Still not expecting much in terms of loss though until I can start walking, walking, walking!

I'm telling you, I'm obsessed with the scale. And really, really, really want an IPod, dammit!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

2 lbs Up!

Grr! I am gaining weight! I am up 2 pounds since I began all of this crutchwalking. I'm telling you, it must be 2 pounds of muscles to my arms. I'm eating the same, but obviously, not getting much exercise.

I was so close. Now I seem so far away from that IPod. Looks like March 17th will pass, and I will not have an IPod.

I've adjusted the pounds on the right sidebar to reflect the gain (sigh!) and I've adjusted the date by a month, because realistically, I really can't do a thing about anything right now.


Saturday, March 11, 2006


Originally uploaded by Buckeye.
I just love this stamp I bought from Northwoods. I'm still practicing the "Northwoods Coloring Technique" since I'll be sharing it with Stamp Club next Sunday. I'm actually pretty happy with how this particular card turned out.

Not much to do but stamp since I still need to be off of my feet for three more weeks. I can't watch the Buckeye Basketball games since they make me way too nervous, though I find I check Yahoo for the score every three minutes. Trust me, they do better if I follow the game this way.<

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hobbling Along

Day 5 on crutches and counting. Actually, I'm getting along.

The first couple days were absolute murder on my arms. The wooden, underarm crutches that I had were killing the sides of my breast (breast reduction had April 05), so I went to a pharmacy and spent $70 on some Medline forearm crutches. Best money I've ever spent! Though, I must say, these make me look very injured, or disabled if you will. There seems to be a perception of this that goes along with using these, as they are generally used for more of a permanent injury or disabilty. So, as a result of this, I'm feeling rather embarrassed using them and being seen in public on them. I know that is just ludicrous, but I think of myself as a very independent person and a shy person. I'm just not that used to the attention these seem to bring.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

A Basketball School???

Congratulations to
The Ohio State Buckeyes
Men's AND Women's Basketball
Big 10 Champions!

Friday, March 03, 2006


Went to the podiatrist today. The MRI showed a stress fracture. I am now on crutches and have an ankle boot for the next four weeks.

So, when I said nothing is going to stop me from doing "Treadmill March Madness", I guess I never suspected something like this.

I'm bummed. I hate crutches.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

March Madness on the Treadmill

I'm going to do something great this month. If I want the Buckeyes to do something great this month, then I need to do something great to show my support of them.

I want to take my fitness to the next level. I'm averaging a one pound loss a week. I'm not complaining about that, but I think I can do better. I keep saying I need to incorporate cardio into my life. I go to Curves three times a week, I'm doing great eating wise, but I can do more. I need to reach down deep inside and become the person I want to be. The fit person that is inside me, wanting to come out just as soon as possible.

I need to begin living the life of a fit person. And, I'm pretty sure a fit person MOVES! I mean breaks a sweat. Curves doesn't do that for me anymore.

So, to get this process going and begin to live the lifestyle I want to live, I am declaring this "March Madness on the Treadmill". The treadmill makes me sweat, just walking in the neighborhood doesn't. There are 65 teams about to be invited to the Big Dance. My sincere hope is that the NCAA allows our Buckeyes to be a part of it. So, to help support my belief that we are one of the deserving 65 teams, I will walk 65 miles on the treadmill this month. That's about 2 miles a day. Which is what I'm going to do. Every day. No excuses. 2 miles in 30 minutes. That's going 4 mph. Might not seem that much, but with my short little legs, it breaks a sweat. I want my Buckeyes to give their best...I will give my best in support of them.

On my banner, I've added a ticker. I invite you to watch me walk my way to 65 miles this month. That's 65 miles on the treadmill, more than I've done in a couple of years combined.

Go Buckeyes! Go Me!
Let the madness begin!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

February in Review

February in Review

Best Day-I don't think any actually stand out this month. It was a busy, busy month. One more month to go of hectic schedule, then things should slow down. I'll say February 25 was the best. Why? Because I went out for a snack with my Neighbor, the one who was having complications with his lung transplant. I'm glad he's home and doing better.

Biggest Accomplishment-Shedding another 6 lbs with my high protein, no sugar approach to eating. I only felt hungry during TOM. Not bad, really. Also, I'm starting to take a likening to black beans.

Biggest Surprise-Ohio State Basketball. Kinda fun having a winning team to cheer for during the football offseason. Let's hope for some madness in March!

Areas of Learning-I don't think I learned a damn thing. Too busy surviving. Actually, I learned a bit about the Writing Program sold by Calkins. I'm not that impressed. Also learned the New Balance 853s are worth their price in gold.

Books Read-One for the Money, by Janet Evanovich. Different from what I normally read, though pleasant.

Looking Ahead to March-College Basketball. I love March Madness, filling out the brackets, cheering for the underdogs when they play the big hammers. It makes the month interesting, and it helps it go by quickly. I'll be a tad nervous *if* the Buckeyes get into the tournament as I can hardly watch Buckeye basketball. I get way too nervous. Basketball is such a quickly paced game. I deal much better with the think time football allows. Also, need to get some cardio in my life. I know I said that for February, but this March I truly mean it. Time to kick into high gear, my fitness quest. Perhaps set a minigoal for the treadmill, which would be rewarded by a weighted hula hoop.