Friday, June 29, 2007

Hot Dog Express

Hot Dog Express 1
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I have nothing new to announce. My big job announcement may have blown up in my face late yesterday. I am down, depressed. I really don't know what to do.

Lucky, I had a swap deadline to deal with, so I was able to get my mind off of my problems, for a least a little while. I signed up for a House Mouse swap over on Splitcoast, because I love the images and like to see what others do with these images.

This particular image I chose to use is called "Hot Dog Express" from 1988. Oh, how I'd like to go back to 1988. I doubt if I'd go into education, knowing what I know now. Anyway, this was an oldie, but goodie, House Mouse image that I found in Sedona in January. I just had to have it, because we were just days away from getting Sloopy.

Anyway, I decided that since I am so layout challenged, I would force myself to make 6 different cards using the same image but with different layouts. I'm actually pleased with my efforts, and felt it was better use of my time than to just mindlessly create six cards that were all the same.

So, nothing new to report. Just that, I have no clue what I'll be doing in two weeks, in a month, in a year, or in two years, or the next 15 years. All I know is that something has to give. I think this week though, I've learned that, "you can never go back."

Hot Dog Express 2
Hot Dog Express 3Hot Dog Express 4Hot Dog Express 5Hot Dog Express 6

Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Kickoff...Just Around the Corner

Thank You Card
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To anyone who actually reads this blog, I do so very much apologize for my absence. If you could only know the mixture of excitement, apprehension, and dread that I feel regarding my career announcement that is about 99% certain to happen. This blog has sort of taken a backseat to things. I feel like this...if I write about something else, well then, I'm not really truthful about what is truly going on, what is dominating my every waking thought (as well as most of my sleeping thoughts).

I haven't been stamping much lately because of the turmoil. I managed a quick Father's Day gift card holder, that I didn't even take a picture of, and this quick card I made for my current boss. She did a keynote address for a group we were hosting. The inside of the card says, "it was H-u-u-u-u-g-e!". She'll get it, and hopefully like it....she's a Buckeye fan.

Today, I met Keith Byers and got my picture taken with him. Something any Buckeye fan would appreciate and cherish.

Stay tuned. They'll be a post that shouts out a sense of relief real soon, as well as some creations I'm needing to get to for some swaps that are quickly approaching deadline. A "Kickoff" to a new phase in my life, is just around the corner.