Friday, February 24, 2006


$6,076. That was the cost of my foot MRI. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the "this is not a bill" document that was sent to me. WOW! I had no idea, and I'm praying to God that my insurance covers the entire cost. I'm afraid though, because someone is going to take a look at how much they've spent on me over the past year ($11,000 for April 2005's breast reduction and now this, along with life's incidentals), and kick me out. They *can't* do that, can they?

Personally, I'm surprised that for just a mere $5,000 more than the cost of an MRI someone can get a breast reduction. To me, the reduction was priceless and is a visible thing. The MRI was just an opportunity to put on some headphones and listen to some music for a half hour while photographs of my feet were taken.

Still haven't heard from my podiatrist on the results of the MRI. Geesh, for $6,076, you'd think they'd throw in the results.

By the way, for those losing sleep at night over my heel pain, the New Balance 853s are awesome. Most pain has been eliminated. So, just $80 cost for the shoes may have solved the problem. Maybe I'll just frame the MRI pictures and hang them in my house. Because for that cost, I could call them art.

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