Thursday, June 19, 2008

"Pit"y Me

Jason Scheff of Chicago
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Oh my. Sometimes dreams do come true.

I was fortunate enough to get tickets in "the pit" at Riverbend in Cincinnati for the Chicago/Doobie Brothers concert. I've seen Chicago concerts for 22 years now...have had some bad seats, some good seats, some average seats through the years...but never, ever, had seats like those in "the pit". It is a whole new show when you have seat like these. You see the bands facial expressions, the way they interact with eachother and the way they interact with those in front. Unbelievable!!!

I toughed Lee Loughane not once, but twice. And, I was one of the the lucky ones to get Jason Scheff's guitar pick. Didn't get to interact with Jimmy Pankow, my hero, as he was sort of on the other side of the stage and didn't travel much. But, I'm not complaining. This concert was an absolute dream come true.

Right now, I'm working on identifying and tagging my pictures that I took over on Flickr, if you'd like to take a look and drool. Some are not that good, especially when viewed in large, but oh well. I was living in the moment so to speak.

And, because I'm still singing tunes as I make my way through my day, I used Sketch Challenge#181 to make a card that I've had in my mind for sometime now. It uses a Penny Black stamp, stamped with Marvy Dye ink on Sterling Matte Coated paper. Colored with Copic markers (I'm glad I got my grove back on that paper). I used the Chicago song title "Feelin' Stronger Everyday" for the sentiment, and generated it via the computer. Feelin' Stronger Everyday

One of the best nights of my life. Every now and then, a person needs one of them, don't you think?


laos348 said...

I tried this once and it didn't work - forgive me if it double posts. Sounds like you had a wonderful night - good for you! I really like what you did with this week's sketch - the card looks great.

stacy said...

LOL... love this!!