Monday, March 17, 2008

Not So Sweet

So Sweet
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This was a very frustrating coloring experience for me. Allow me to explain...

Last year, I bought this adorable Whipper Snapper image in Wisconsin. It hadn't seen ink until this weekend. Not because I didn't like the stamp...just because I wanted to color the image perfectly because I like it so much.

So, when I saw this week's Inspiration Challenge #119, I immediately thought of this image. Could I do it justice? NO! I tried, and tried and tried through several attempts. I wanted to use the same bold color scheme as the inspiration piece, but I found it was too many colors and it seemed entirely too busy with color.

My final attempt is what you see here. I decided to reduce the color palette to the colors you'd find in a roll of classic Life Savers...still bold, just less busy.

I still remain layout challenged too.

But hey, I learned a lot from the process, I think. Back on the shelf this stamp goes. I'll hopefully try it again later, with much more success.


Inkerbelle said...

R U kidding? The card looks fabulous. Your colouring is fantastic and the colours look great!! You must either be fishing for compliments, or be very hard on yourself. I suspect it's the latter, LOL.

KraftyKerilou said...

you are kidding, right? This is gorgeous!! Take that stamp off the shelf and get moving!!! Kerilou SCS

PATTY said...

Well I think you did an awesome job coloring this image. I only wish I could color an image that well.