Wednesday, February 01, 2006

January In Review

Best Day-January 2, when my beloved Buckeyes beat Notre Dame. Great seats, great game. Picture perfect, sunny, 75 degree weather each and every day we were there. I love Arizona and the trip got me wondering why I live where I do.

Biggest Accomplishment-Shedding 7 pounds during the month, and giving up sugar. Truly amazing. I'm still not quite believing it.

Biggest Surprise-Mild, mild weather. We're talking like all but two or three days above average temperatures. Just a trace of snow.

Areas of Learning-Protein makes me feel full and satisfied, and Iris Folding.

Books Read-Undomestic Goddess(Kinsella) & To Have and To Hold(Green), both enjoyable but Green's book isn't really up to par with her others.

Looking Ahead to February-Busy month ahead at work. Just need to somehow survive it. I need to incorporate more cardio into my exercise regiment. Would like to declare February as "Operation Treadmill", but my foot that hurts has other ideas. I went to the podiatrist today and he's ordered an MRI. Some type of heel pain. We'll see.

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Joanna Bolick said...

Is it really February already?? I read the Undomestic Goddess at some point or another and I thought it was a fun read. Nothing too deep, which is just what I can handle! : )