Sunday, January 29, 2006

PEEP Season

PEEP Season
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I can't believe this. They're here. And it is only January 29. Usually, they don't appear until after February 14.

As you can guess, I have issues with PEEPs given my "sugar sensitivity". I knew that the PEEPs would be a challenge, as those yellow chicks just call my name each year. I had actually planned that my fiance would do my grocery shopping for me during PEEP season this year, as I pretty much have no control when it come to PEEPs. I just wasn't expecting to see them yet!

A victory...I didn't purchase them, though my fiance steered me clear of them. I was tempted. He read me the label. 32 grams of sugar for 5 yellow chicks. Is it any wonder I love these birds?

Wish me luck. If I beat PEEP season, I will have accomplished something big.

Update on the diet: lost one pound over the weekend, for a total of seven pounds down. Need to get more cardio in my life. For some reason, I just don't want to move.

Note: These are some PEEP glasses I bought earlier in the day at Big Lots. I can by all the nonedible stuff I want!

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