Monday, February 20, 2006


Minnesota 2006
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I spent the past week in Minnesota on business. With my luck and terrific timing, Minnesota was experiencing the coldest temperatures of the season. Actually, it was the second coldest it had ever gotten there. On Friday it was negative 35 degrees. Actual temperature! Windchill was up around negative 45 degrees. I somehow survived, and was treated to some stamp store visits on Saturday, since Transit Authority cancelled their concert. I went to The Stampin Place and We're Stampin Mad.

The best part of the trip was discovering how very delicious Sugar Free Davinci Vanilla syrup is in my Diet Coke. The school insisted that I take the bottle back home with me (I must have looked like a drunk carrying the bottle home), and they presented me with this book celebrating Minnesota Winters. In my opinion, there's nothing to celebrate.

It is "cold" here in Ohio today, about 30 degrees. I'm thinking it is balmy!

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Joanna Bolick said...

Ha haahahahah! Okay, I can ONLY laught because I spent 20 years in that cold weather! UGH! I love your comment on the book, "in my opinion there's nothing to celebrate." Hilarious!