Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Size 8D

New Shoes
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My new shoes finally came in today. Last week my podiatrist recommended that I get a pair of New Balance 853s to help with the heel pain I've been experiencing. He basically told me Nikes suck.

Last week the shoe guy measured my feet and ordered a pair, size 8D. I shared this with my mom and she thinks this is just terrible. She believes there is no way I wear such a wide shoe. What exactly does she want me to do, crunch my feet into a smaller, narrower shoe? She's upset that I bought them! She claims that I'll never be able to get new shoes that are of this size, except for cheapies at KMart or Walmart. I find her logic ridiculous. Shoe guy claims my Size 9 Nikes were that size to compensate for the width I needed.

So, do these shoes look too wide?

I personally don't even care much about shoes. I'm not like most women who obsess over shoes. If it were up to me, I'd wear fuzzy houseslippers all day. These 853s, Size 8Ds suit me just fine.

Tomorrow I go for my feet MRI.

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