Thursday, February 23, 2006

Chapped Cheeks and Rest Planned

The cheeks of my ass are chapped. Sadly, I am not kidding. Result of being in Minnesota last week, I suppose. Mind you, I did have long underwear on and jeans. Guess that's not enough.

I experienced a 90 degree change in temperature yesterday, from that negative 35 last Friday. For the past two days, I was in North Carolina for work. It was a short trip, but I did enjoy that it was 60 degrees. NC stands for "Not Cold".

I'm finally home now, for sometime. I've got a good job, but it gets busy with travel at times, and recently it has been busy. Basically, I travel a lot about four months a year. I plan on resting a bit now that I'm home by making a birthday card for my mom, and a couple get well cards for people at work. I'm messing around right now with the Northwoods Coloring Technique, as I'm teaching it to our Stamp Club in March. Funny thought, really. I'll post some of my samples later in the week, and will probably create a post about my woes.

Well, I'll put this boring post to a close. Just thought I'd bop in and say hello.

And, a quick note to the lady on the plane yesterday traveling from Charlotte to Columbus....put a shirt on your three year old girl, for goodness sake! It is not summer and, more importantly she is in public and beyond being a baby!

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Joanna Bolick said...

Now you're talkin' about my kind of weather! Love NC!