Sunday, January 08, 2006

Protein Power

I recently have been skimming "Potatoes, Not Prozac" and "Your Last Diet" and I'm now convinced that I'm a sugar addict...given my constant cravings for PEEPS, marshmallows, birthday cake, etc. I gained significant weight last year, much to my dismay, because I starved myself at the beginning of the year to get approved for breast reduction surgery, and then ate, ate, ate afterwards. I've got to get back to eating healthier, but I just don't want to count points anymore and starve again and then overeat. It is a vicious cycle. Been there, done that.

So, there are 7 Steps, according to the book, that I must take on overtime.

Sunday begins the incorporation of protein at breakfast. I will get some significant protein in at this meal, so that I can begin to change my body on the inside. Then, I will switch over and count points the rest of the day. Eventually, I'll be incorporating all seven steps. I'm sure I'll be talking more about these steps in this blog. Stay tuned.

Right now, it's all about the protein. I'm going to begin to count protein grams all day.

Here we go.

French Toast (2 Slices of Sugarfree Whole Grain Bread, 1/2 Cup of Egg Beaters, a touch of vanilla, Sugarfree Syrup)
Cheese Slice
27 grams of protein!/6 points

Curves Protein Shake-4 points

Subway 6inch Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich with lots of peppers-7 points
BBQ Baked Lays-3 points


michele said...

"wishful shrinker" ... i LOVE that! i'm so in the same boat. have lost 16 lbs since october, but need to seriously focus now that the holidays are over. have to be matron (hate that word!!) of honor in sept ... ugh!! good luck with the protein/no sugar thing!!

LittleSeaOtter said...

Hi Michele.

Thanks for your comments, and a big congrats to you on your 16 lb weight loss. I hope I'll be celebrating a loss myself real soon. Keep up on your blog. I enjoy reading it!