Friday, January 13, 2006

Weekend To-Do List

1. Go to Curves on Saturday, seeing as how I didn't make it Friday evening. The shortened hours on Friday irk me, but then again, who but me would want to work our at 8:00 pm on a Saturday night? Speaks volumes for my life, huh?

I'm such a liar! I didn't make it to Curves, just couldn't get out of bed before noon.

2. Laundry, more laundry, and even more laundry.

I'd say I did "laundry, more laundry", but didn't get to the "even more laundry" part.

3. Plan presentation for conference in a couple weeks. I do have enough material to get started. Should I try a PowerPoint (gulp), or stick with overhead transpariences, used by the technologically challenged, which in this area, I am.

You didn't really think I'd do this one did you? So very disappointed that I wasted a very precious three day weekend, and didn't touch this one bit. Does thinking about it count?

4. Delurk on a couple of blogs that I read, cause it would be the nice thing to do. Did you know, it is National Delurking Week? If anyone is even reading this less than one week old blog, feel free to leave a comment in the spirit of National Delurking Week.

I did delurk a bit, and certainly appreciated the comments I received here.

5. Make a card using the January Sketch #2 on Two Peas. I'd like to start doing this, because I believe I need to get better with my card layouts.


6. Try a card using Art Impressions watercolor method.

Will try this next weekend

I'm going to stop there. I'd be very satified with all of these items completed.

Project Unsweetened is going okay. I'm really liking the breakfast protein, though finding myself in Dayton today, I just had to go to LaRosas. Had to. Nuff said. It was good. Ate a bit more than I should have. Will get back on track....I promise myself. Will get on the treadmill tonight before going to bed to do a little damage control.


Kirsten said...

Hi!!! I'm on a delurking surf!!!


Powerpoint's not that bad!!! :-)

Watermelon Man said...

Well, Scarlet, while it doesn't make up for the football game, the Spartans extracted a little revenge
this evening with the double OT thriller in Columbus. BTW, you folks have an EXCELLENT Bball team.

LittleSeaOtter said...

Hey Watermelon Man,

Thanks for the nice comments about our Basketball Buckeyes! It was a heart breaker. I don't go to very many basketball games, but I do cheer for them.

Congrats to your Spartans.

I'll tell ya, we're just hoping to be eligible for the tournament...number of wins of course, and even more critcal...NCAA sanctions. We're ready for that nightmare to end.

Watermelon Man said...

Well, you just beat Wisky....WAY TO GO !!!!