Monday, January 09, 2006


Time for bed. Just thought I'd make it public that the eating plan went very well today. I'm already planned out for tomorrow. I won't spare you with the details of it like I did in a previous post (let me know if you all want me to do that), but I just wanted to say that eating protein made me feel satisfied. I didn't "graze" or even want to eat empty calories. What a major victory.

Gotta go to work tomorrow, and have a very busy week ahead at work. I've pretty much been off for three weeks, so getting back into a routine isn't going to be pleasant. I've got my days and nights mixed up, but we'll work on that a bit all in good time.

Thought of a couple more "rewards" for significant poundage lost. I'm still sticking with the IPod plan, but future reward motivators perhaps should include a printer/scanner contraption, seeing as how I made my very first post on Two Peas today. Also, a Y membership might be nice. I know, why not get the Y membership now? Well, because it is major bucks. Want to make sure I'm serious, and would like to have it as a maintenance type of plan. Whatever happened to the cheap YMCA of the past? Now it is like a "who's who" type of establishment. Geesh! Oh well, I still have Curves, and will definitely be there tomorrow evening.

Have a good one. Night night.

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