Tuesday, May 30, 2006

May In Review

Unless something earth-shattering happens in the next day (I'll come back and edit of course), here's my month in review.

Best Day-I think I would say May 20th. This was the day M got to meet Trela. We had a great, leisurely drive over, stopped for delicious pastries at Kennedy's (I rarely allow myself this treat), shopped at Trela's, shopped at Cabela's, ate at Mickey D's (I rarely allow myself this choice), picked up some Wise Brand Onion Rings at a gas station (childhood memories), etc. Just a great day all the way around. It was kinda like an "All About Me Day", except maybe for the Cabela's part.

Also, gotta love May 8th, because that's when I ordered my season football tickets. I hope "same seats as last year, please" will work.

Biggest Accomplishment-Getting my stamping room organized. It was exhausting, but mission accomplished! I love it!

Biggest Surprise-Chris Daughtery getting voted off American Idol so early. WOW! I was happy to see Taylor win it though, over Katharine. And just call me "Paula" because whenever I see Elliott I just cry. I love thinking about all he has accomplished. I had no clue I'd get so attached to the Top 10 finalists. I'm actually thinking about seeing them in concert this summer.

Areas of Learning-Nada.

Books Read-Assessing Writers by Carl Anderson. I had to read this for work because he will be a guest speaker on May 31.

Looking Ahead to June-Will have a very busy June due to a crazy first half of the month at work. There is no way to plan or prepare (like I would do such a thing anyway...LOL), for all of the chaos. Yearly madness before some summer relaxation. Also, will be spending some time in Cincinnati at a conference. Love Cincy because of Stamp Your Art Out, Jungle Jim's, and LaRosa's. And, June 30th....Chicago concert! Summer is not summer without a Chicago concert. Also, June 5th is my first day back at Curves. May the pounds shed because of exercise, because without exercise, that scale isn't budging. I WANT A CAMERA!

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