Monday, May 29, 2006

A Work Of/For Art!

My Stamp Display Shelves
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You may have noticed I haven't been posting many rubber stamping creations for over a month now. What was happening was I was feeling overwhelmed by my stamping room. It was in total chaos. I'm challenged when it comes to organization anyway, and the quantity of stamps and the multitude of supplies were actually hindering me. The room was a mess and I just couldn't create. Everytime I went in there I was simply reminded of what a failure I really am when it comes to having a home for everything.

I enlisted M's help. I brought him up to the stamp room, which was something I rarely do, as I didn't want anyone to see the mess.

He suggested that we build some shelves and take all of the rubber stamps out of the plastic drawers. He thought if they were displayed I'd be more apt to use them.

We did internet searches looking at stamp rooms and he set out to build me some shelves.

In about a week, the shelves were done, and then it came to time to put the stamps on the shelves. I took care of that task, and became almost sick to my stomach that I had so many stamps. At least in drawers I could hide the fact. These stamps on the shelves represent a huge $ investment. The very next day, after I had put all of the stamps on the shelves, Trela called with her news of her closing. I was worried that I couldn't buy much from her because M would have to build even more shelves.

Fast forward to today....yes, I did buy some stamps from Trela on my two trips to her store and managed to find a spot for them on the shelves. I organized all of my paper on the paper display case I bought off of Trela, and then I put all of my supplies away in what used to house my stamps. This is the first time ever, that everything has a place. (Now on to the rest of the house, LOL!)

Please go to my Flickr site and visit the pictures of my "Stamp Studio". This is a huge accomplishment for me. It just screams "create" now. I think I might actually name this the past it has been "The Stamp Room", today in writing I'm calling it "My Stamp Studio"....though I think it needs a special name....Any suggestions? My Play Room? Retreat?

I am so proud and amazed with the way it looks right now. I am promising myself (and M) that I will work hard to keep it this way.

Stay tuned for some creations. I can play again!

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Laura said...

Your studio looks fantastic. I love your paper storage and the stamps look great. I really need to get myself organized - right now everything is a complete mess!