Sunday, May 21, 2006

More Miles Traveled

Saturday, M and I drove over to the stamp store to pick up a paper storage unit that Trela sold me.

It was nice to be in the store again, but certainly not so nice on the wallet, as I found some more stamps that I "needed". Geesh! I shouldn't buy another thing for the rest of the year. (Though I know I will...especially at Stampaway in August). What was really nice was seeing Trela again, and M got to finally meet her and see the store. I've dragged him to some stamp stores all over the country during our travels, and he agrees...this one is a jewel.

Anyway, I thought it was sweet of M to look past the high cost of fuel, the near 500 miles of driving to and back in one day, just to have a day that was pretty much catered to me. (Though we did spend an hour at Cabela's on the way home). Thanks M!

I'll post a picture of the storage unit soon, just as soon as I decide where to put it and get it loaded.

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