Sunday, June 04, 2006

Boston Scribbles

First Sketch in my Sketchbook
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I had to go to Boston this past week on business. I really like to visit that town because there is so much to see and do and I just find the area so interesting. Five years ago, I had to spend a total of seven weeks there (spread out over the year), and I feel like I really know the city. I can maneuver myself on the T (the subway) and get to anywhere I want to go.

Anyway, the business part was okay. The highlight was definitely hearing Carl Anderson talk to our group. I read his book in preparation, and I think teachers will find it useful.

For fun, a group of us went and ate at the original Cheers on Beacon Hill, and Fire and Ice at Harvard Square. Love, love, love Fire and Ice, which is a mongolian barbeque. The one night after we had eaten at Cheers, we walked across the street to the Boston Public Gardens. I had my sketchbook with me, and did a sketch of a view from the bench I sat down on.I guess I must explain where on earth that came from...

Last weekend, I ran across a lady's Flickr stream and I was just blown away with pictures from her sketch book. I started doing a little bit of research/Googling and came across the book Creative License: Giving Yourself Permission To Be The Artist You Truly Are, written by Danny Gregory. I must say "Wow" with this book. It is speaking to me. Highly recommend it to all of you! I think I need to learn how to "let go" a bit, and think the book will help me overcome my rubber stamping hurdle, "is this the right way to do this?" question that I always ask. THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY!

Being an only child, I used to draw all the time when I was growing up just to entertain myself. It was the way I played. My dad was an artist and used to sketch and paint each evening, and I remember what an influence that was on my actions. Then, I remember I had a very shitty art teacher in fifth grade that sort of put the brakes on my passion for art. Then, by high school, art was out of the either were college prep or you took art. Never an "and" to that. So, my art went by the wayside. I think my interest in stamping is actually me crying out to go back and pick up where I left off in fifth grade.

I promise this blog won't become a sketchbook sharing type of blog, but I will keep you posted as I get back that "creative license". Hopefully, in time, you will notice it.

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