Monday, May 01, 2006

April In Review

First of all, I can't even believe April is over and I'm doing this review. Where the hell did April go?

April in Review

Best Day-April 5. I enjoyed a lot of great days in April, but I must say I enjoyed Coach Tressel's "Girls Night Out~Football 101" the most. The event was just made for me, and just confirmed for me how special it is to be a part of the Buckeye Nation. Runners up include Easter, because it was just great to eat a home cooked meal, The Ohio State Spring Game, and Adventures in Stamping in Akron.

Biggest Accomplishment-Well, this isn't really *my* accomplishment, but I think that it just rocks that Ohio State had 9 players drafted in football. I would think now that Coach Tressel could just ask a potential recruit if he's interested in playing in the NFL after college, and if so, just sign on the dotted line to be a Buckeye. We're an NFL factory! (and yes, that's a good thing!) Looking back, I would say my biggest accomplishment was getting my taxes done, but then again, *I* didn't accomplish that either. Come to think of it, I didn't accomplish a damn thing in April. (No, my chapter isn't done yet.)

Biggest Surprise-That IPod accessories are ridiculously overpriced, but needed in order to protect your investment. Geesh!

Areas of Learning-For Adventures in Stamping in Akron, I was able to do a make it/take it with Kevin from Stampscapes. I have previously been rather intimidated by scenic stamping, however, at this convention I was able to get close enough to his booth (as it is always way crowded in Cincy), and he helped to demystify the process for me.

Books Read-"Second Helpings" by Megan McCafferty. That's it. I think I'm officially in a reading funk. I'm actually thinking it is because reading reminds me of work, and right now I'm just feeling a little burned out by work. I'm sure I'll be exploring that issue later if it doesn't go away. I'm hoping that with a little summer break it will. But, just wanted to share, "Second Helpings" is an excellent book.

Looking Ahead to May-Well, I'd better get that chapter done, or else I'm going to be looking for another job. And, I can't let that happen because my extrinsic motivation for working at theOSU comes into play this month, as it is the month we order Faculty/Staff Season Tickets. I am hula-hooping right now for fitness, and hope to be back at Curves by the end of the month. Right now I have good days and some sore days with my foot.

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