Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Before this whole foot issue, I signed up to get my numbers tested (cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose, etc)today at Ohio State because our insurance is bribing people to do this with a $50 Amazon.com gift certificate. I'll do just about anything for money (within reason!), even if it means getting poked in the finger. Today was my appointment, and I just had to curse myself for all of the walking it required, as I'm still wearing the boot. Park the car on the 7th floor of a parking garage, walk to the hospital, walk all over the hospital to find the closet where the tests were being given.

So imagine my delight when the 10 year old (just a slight exageration) student is the one who is going to be doing the testing. It hurt like hell because he wasn't as skilled as the nurse who was supposed to be doing the test. No, she's too busy teaching the other student worker how to file paperwork. This all happening in the closet, that was no bigger, I'd say than 4 foot by 4 foot.

One of the numbers that had to be obtained was weight (oh joy!). And the 10 year old wouldn't let me take off my boot, which must weigh 5 lbs, or is it just customary that all medical scales are always 5lbs more than your home scale?

Anyway, I'm relieved that all of the numbers are fine, the only one that was slightly high was the triglycerides number. It is supposed to be below 200, and I scored a 167. I guess you're really supposed to be somewhere below 150 for optimal. I'll work to get it down. I really think I'm doing all the right things by eliminating the sugar anyway. I would shutter what my numbers would have been a few years ago, prior to me losing the weight that I have (My heighest weight was 223).

So, I walked about 10 minutes to get to the 4x4 closet so the 10 year old could administer my tests while 2 other people were crowded into the closet as well. The 5 lb boot just didn't seem to matter to the 10 year old, as see, he hasn't yet reached the point in life (above 30) when most become metabolically challenged. But now, at least I can spend some time thinking what to spend my $50 on, and hope to go through the same process 12 months from now, and see some lower numbers (except for I'd like a finger pricker about 20 next time).

On an unrelated note: Is anyone else disappointed in the Final Four Fizzle? Three of the most boring games ever played!

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Laura said...

Do you know I even forgot the game was on last night. The end of the tournament just lost its excitement for me.