Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Jim Tressel and Me, Take 4

Jim Tressel and Me
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This is the picture that was taken by my friend KC during "Girls Night Out~Football 101" last Wednesday. You must know that this photo has been cropped a bit...here's the story behind that:

As we were waiting in line to get to interact with Tressel, KC made the decision that she wanted to take the picture using her camera, rather than use mine, because she "knows how her camera works better." That made sense, at the time.

So, when it was finally my turn to stand by Tressel, KC got out her camera. She pushed the button, and as soon as she did, she moved the camera (and it was then looking at the floor) to see the display screen on her camera. That's when the flash went off. She has a delayed flash. Tressel said that he didn't think she got the picture and suggested she try again.

Second attempt, same result. She looked at the screen before the flash went off. At this point, I was getting a bit embarrassed as I don't like attention, and the ladies behind us were getting a bit annoyed as we were prolonging their wait. As I was getting ready to just thank Tressel for his time he said, "Let's try that again."

Again, shot #3, same result. A beautiful shot of the floor. At this point, Coach Tressel started coaching KC on how to take a picture. I was mortified.

Shot #4, both Tressel and I are telling her not to move and to keep looking up. You are seeing the result of those intructions, though most of the picture resulted in just the brick wall behind us with us in the lower third of the photo. So, I cropped the image so that it looked like a more normal shot.

Imagine if she would have used *my* camera, the camera she wasn't familiar with. Geesh!

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Laura said...

The picture came out great - great job cropping it.