Sunday, April 16, 2006

Nostalgic Playlist

As I get to know my iPod, which is no small feat, given they don't even give you directions with the iPod (you must access the manual online), I can't help but wonder about my playlist. They are mostly songs from the 70s and 80s that I've been tranfering from my CDs. Now, mind you, when these songs were popular, iPods didn't even exist. I wonder if anyone else's playlist mirrors mine?

But, I must say my playlist does reflect my life I think, or my tendencies. Though I hate to admit it, I always think about the past. Playing as a child, high school, college, etc. I never seem to live in the present. I always wonder what people are up to that I knew from the past. I love watching shows like "Child Stars from the 80s" on E TV because I grew up with those people (well, not literally, but I feel like I know them). Sometimes I wonder if I would just stop Googling people from my past, stop listening to old music (isn't it freaky that 80s stations are now the "Oldies Stations"), I wonder if I'd feel more grown up than what I do. I still feel like a child, and I know my life is just whizzing by as I just keep looking back. Kinda drives me crazy, because actually, I didn't particulary enjoy high school or college. Though I know age is just a number, isn't it time I feel 36 years old? Shouldn't I feel a sense of urgency to do grow up?

I need to look forward.

Baby steps...this week I'm looking forward to the Ohio State Spring Game on Saturday and Adventures in Stamping in Akron on Sunday. (Actually, I don't even count those as baby steps, but wanted to mention that I am eagarly awaiting the upcoming weekend).

I spent Easter at my parents house. Nothing was sugarfree there and I did give in to the temptation (good thing the iPod came before the Easter bunny), but I'm very happy that Monday will be a new start, and I can undo the damage of Easter sweets this week. My sports hula hoop should come sometime this week, so I can begin to exercise a bit, in some way. That should help too.

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michele said...

i have so many 80s on mine ... i look at it as a little way to take a mini vacation back to when life was simple and happy and i was a size 7.

ha ha.

enjoy your nano to the maxo!!