Sunday, December 24, 2006

Retro-Dub-Dub, A Bear in the Tub!

Retro-Dub-Dub, A Bear in the Tub!
Originally uploaded by Buckeye.
Every Saturday on Splitcoast Stampers an "Inspiration Challenge" is posted. It is where you look at an everyday object or picture and create a card using that given inspiration.

I had a lot of fun creating this. The inspiration was a picture of a retro looking bathroom. So, I looked at the colors, the retro-ness, and then I remembered I had a Darcie stamp of a bear in the tub. After that, the card became my obsession all night long.

My goal for the coming year is to participate in many more inspiration challenges, because I want to learn how to look at the world around me and use it as a spring board for my cards.

Inspiration picture can be found here:

Retro Bathroom

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