Monday, June 12, 2006

Vacation Longing

Webcam/Sitka Alaska
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I am very fortunate to say I have been to Alaska. I've actually been there three times since 2000. There is a little island we visit, which is where the small town of Sitka is located. I frequently visit their webcam just to take in its beauty. And, well it is beautiful there tonight. 60 degrees, sunny and clear. This is quite rare in Sitka, as it generally rains there daily. It is part of the Tongass Rainforest.

I'm guessing I'll be visiting the webcam often during the next couple of months and taking a look at some of our past photos from past trips. M and I are not going there this year because we typically have to save up for such a trip and we were just there in August 2005. So, this is definitely an "off-year". Also, I've got a very expensive fall right around the corner with football. So, my bank account is saying, "no, not this year."

I really do need some type of vacation though. It has been a very draining year at work, and I need some time away for my mental well-being. M and I are talking about doing something, but keeping it simple. We already know this year's vacation will consist of just a couple of days, and it we'll go somewhere that is within driving distance. We've even tossed around the idea of just checking in at a newly build hotel about an hour away from our home and just swimming in their pool.

But, we will go somewhere. My mental sanity insists that I do this each summer. We just don't have it nailed down yet.

In other thoughts...

Today went well at work with the conference. So far, so good. I'm relieved by this, so much so that when I made it home tonight I took a much needed nap that was filled with some good quality zzzz's. I confess I missed going to Curves, but man I needed some good sleep, so in essense, I was doing my body some good. I PROMISE TO MAKE IT TO CURVES TOMORROW, and adopt the T, R, S schedule for this week.

Also, my eating was great today. Certainly helps having a plan. I deviated a bit, but I was within my point range. Camera, here I come. I will have you by September 1!

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Laura said...

Vacations are a necessity I'm convinced in order to stay sane!