Monday, June 05, 2006


I've got some things I need to incorporate into my daily life. Here goes:

My IPod ~ Yes, my IPod. I worked very hard losing weight to meet the goal of getting one, but yet, I haven't really incorporated it into my life. I'm a fool, really. But right now, I simply listen to the radio, or on the computer, and definitely in the car. But, I can't really figure out when I should be listening to the IPod. Maybe when I stamp? Maybe I should be taking walks and listening to it then? (though I'm not quite ready to pound the pavement or treadmill). When I travel (ie, airports, subways, etc). I don't know. It just hasn't become a part of my life as I thought it would. Of course, it took me years to get used to having a cell phone, and I'd say I hadn't really put it to good use until about six months ago.

Curves ~ I went back to Curves tonight. Whoa! Things have changed. New owner, new managers, new dressing room, new water machine. Maybe I should go away for three months again. Honestly, I think all of these changes are for the better, because I have been known to bitch in the past about how crappy my local Curves was. I'm excited to know that they want to revamp things a bit, update the look, have contests with prizes (wow!), etc. I shouldn't have any problem getting back into the swing of working out at Curves three nights a week, but I will admit I will miss the extra 45 minutes of the day I experienced not being able to work out.

Water ~ I'm not getting enough water. I drink way too much Diet Coke/Coke Zero. I'm excited that a Giant Eagle *finally* opened in our suburb so there is a good chance I can start stopping by the store and getting me some of their yummy flavored water. Hey, it's a start.

Cleaning ~ I put that in for my Mom, not that she even gets on a website, let alone this one. But seriously, I have a hard time maintaining a clean, organized house. I'd much rather veg and surf the internet. Or stamp. Or something, anything!

Reading ~ I'm such a hypocrite. I'm averaging one book a month, if that. And I've got some good books lined up on the "To Read Stand".

Okay, this list is making my head spin. Better get off the computer and start incorporating!

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