Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sketch of a Workshop Attendee

Sketch of a Workshop Attendee
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The two day workshop is finished. It went very well. Basically, my role was to sit in the back of the room and just watch. I decided to pass the time on a sketch. This is the back of a teacher that was in attendance. (She has two feet, though her legs were crossed at the time of the sketch). I'm actually quite pleased and surprised by how how it turned out. I'm still fearing the sketching of a person's face. Hope to sketch M's face tomorrow.

I took another nap tonight, thus chosing sleep over Curves. I'm disappointed in myself in this regard. I guess I'm having difficulty "incorporating". Eating is still going great though. The great thing about tomorrow is that I'll be done with work in the early afternoon, which will allow for a nap if needed, but I'll still have time in the day for Curves.

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