Monday, August 28, 2006

A Little Background

Salt Technique~ATC
Originally uploaded by Buckeye.
Here is one of 11 ATCs I put in the mail today for a Hodge Podge swap over at PCMB. I was to do the salted background technique. If you want details on how I made it, just click on the picture, which will take you to my Flickr account.

I think I must be losing my mind, or else, I have a lot on my mind right now. When I went to mail these, I weighed the envelope and the scale indicated that it would cost 87 cents to mail. So, I slapped on two 39 cent stamps and dropped the envelope in the mail.

I am losing it!

Speaking of losing, I will not jinx myself by saying this, but have you checked out the sidebar? Doing great with eating right now, and even showed a two pound loss over the weekend.

Didn't get to go to Curves tonight though. Does a tornado warning count as a good excuse? Yeah, I thought so too. Probably my best one yet. Now I must figure out how to go Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of this week. And well, I've got something way bigger to do this Saturday than go to Curves. :)

Stay posted for a new blog banner I plan to create within the next couple of days, along with some pictures of some bookmarks I need to get busy on.

Until then, take care and thanks so much for visiting.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

that ATC is just the cutest.
I have yet to attempt making a background like that - but this is inspiring me!

Laura said...

I like the finished ATC and your salted background looks fantastic! And congrats on losing the weight - good for you!