Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Goodie! Goodie! It's Stampaway!

Stampaway Goodies
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Saturday was like a holiday for many rubber stampers in the area. It was the annual Stampaway convention in Cincinnati.

I loved every single minute of it. I arrived at around 9:30 am and left when they were closing at 5:00. I didn't even break for lunch, and took very quick restroom breaks (LOL!).

This is my third time attending Stampaway and I was surprised at how my purchases seem to shift from my previous two Stampaways, from buying lots of stamps in the past to this year buying more supplies than I anticipated.

All, in all, it was a great time. Some of the masters (in my book anyway) were there like Joyce Hazen from A Stamp in the Hand, Kathie Seaverns from Just for Fun, Pat Niemuth from Northwoods, and Laura Jacobs from Bugawumps. I could just watch them create for hours, and it turns out that is exactly what I did.

Joyce made a beautiful sample card for me. I will try to post a picture of it in the next couple of days. Pat Niemuth and the whole crew from Northwoods are just the friendliest, most generous company around. I walked away from my day with three FREE rubberstamps from them. Kathie Seaverns is just so approachable with questions, and well, Laura Jacobs is just my coloring hero. I want to learn from her and hope to someday be fortunate to take a class from her. I just love how she is a master of bright, fun colors, and her little bug creatures are just adorable.

My bank account is happy Stampaway only comes once a year, but I left so happy and fullfilled as a learner. That's what I love most about it. Next year's date is already on my calendar!

Be sure to click on the photo to see lots of notes on all my loot!


Godelieve said...

Looks like you had fun there! What a nice collection of stamp/supplies... I see some alcohol inks, I bought my first set of them today,...

Laura said...

I'm jealous!! Sounds like it was a lot of fun!

Nancy Maxwell James said...

what yummy things!! have fun creating!