Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finally! A Getaway!

Best Boat Ride Ever!
Originally uploaded by Buckeye.
I was able to go on vacation this past weekend!

I think M began to realize that I really needed to get away before the craziness of work and football season starts up again.

We decided to go to Niagara-On-The-Lake because two years ago I fell in love with Whirlpool Jet Boats.

So we rode the boat twice, went swimming one night at the hotel, drove up to Toronto one day,took a tour at a winery (who knew Icewine was so yummy?) and walked around the Falls one day. All in all, a quick trip, but very much what I needed. And hey, you can't really say you've had a summer until you get wet...

...and I got wet! I am the first person in the second row of this picture. M is to my right.

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