Saturday, May 10, 2008

Onesie More Week

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Sorry I've been neglecting this blog. Just been kinda busy, and then when not busy, kinda tired.

Not much creating going on right now in my stamp room because of this. Pictured here is a onesie that is acting as a gift certificate holder for a baby shower. It was made with a stamp I bought from TooMuchFun rubber stamps when I went to the stamping convention in Akron two weekends ago. I absolutely fell in love with these stamps. Like a crazy woman, I bought the onesie, the T-shirt, the hooded sweatshirt and the jacket. Very large stamps, but so easy to use. Just stamp on patterned paper, fold, and there you go...something to make people oooh and aaah over. I'm thinking these will come in handy when I'm going through these periods when I have no time, yet need a creation.

On the job front....I'll be teaching Kindergarten next year!!!! I'm absolutely excited, and feel like I have finally "come home" in my career. I don't regret one bit working at the university, and I don't regret the opportunities for learning that afforded me (and of course those football tickets weren't bad either!), but my heart is with children and I'm very burned out when it comes to staff development of teachers. I need renewal and there's no better kept secret in education than in Kindergarten. I'm guessing there was a reason I kept my former classroom contents in my basement for the past nine years....because deep down I knew I'd return.

So, there is "onesie" more week (this week), coming up that I'll be doing some staff development work, and then I'm done! I know I will sleep with much content and satisfaction on Thursday night, when I can just pack up my overhead transparencies, professional books on literacy and just shove them in a closet, or closets as the case may be.

The rest of my happy life is just a mere five days away. I'll finish up my year as a "reading specialist" and then look LOOK FORWARD to my new job.


laos348 said...

This is adorable - I love it! And congrats to you on the new job. My guy is starting kindergarten in the fall so I'll be thinking of you!

Debbie Olson said...

This is just the sweetest onesie--great job! I have to tell you that I love your blog header too; my childhood dog was a red dachshund, and she was often my best friend! ;-)