Monday, May 26, 2008

Alphabet Inchies

O is for Otter
Originally uploaded by Buckeye
I signed up for an Alphabet Inchie swap over on SCS. It must just be the Kindergarten teacher in me.

Anyway, I've never done inchies before and wanted to see what all of the buzz was about. I signed up for the letters G and O, only because I wanted to do something with a gingerbread man and an owl. But, when I began creating I switched from an owl to an otter.

I'm not yet sold on inchies yet. Didn't particularly enjoy working on such a small canvas. Maybe when I get the rest of the swap back I'll become more inspired and will want to start collecting them. We'll see.
G is for Gingerbread Man

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laos348 said...

I haven't joined the inchie craze myself yet but these look really great. I bet once you have the whole alphabet together, it will look really neat.