Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sloopy Takes Out Her Frustration

Sloopy pins the Florida Gator hat
Originally uploaded by Buckeye.

Another National Championship within reach, but not taken.

In my lifetime, in the sports of men's football and basketball, Ohio State has one football national championship (2002). That's it.

In the past twelve months, Florida has claimed three national championships (2 in basketball, 1 in football). Unfreakingbelievable.

Though as disappointed as I am that we didn't get to have "One Shining Moment" focus on us last night (I couldn't even watch it, btw), I will say that I am proud of the 2006-07 basketball team. They played with heart, and they weren't embarrassed. They were beaten by the better team, but it was clear that they belonged there too. I guess that's more than I can say about January 8, 2007 in the desert.

Sloopy tried with all her might to destroy those damn Gators. Here she's dressed for the game, and spend most of it chewing on a Florida Gator hat. I think she won, as it is now pretty beat up and destroyed.

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