Sunday, April 29, 2007

20 Days Later

Well hello there Blog. How are you? I see you've been getting some first time visitors that will probably never return because they'll think I don't care enough about you to update. Please, know Blog (and first time visitors), that I certainly do care for this Blog and anticipate catching up a bit with some updating in the very near future.

Special shout out to Sweet Miss Daisy for offering to link this little blog to her majorly addictive blog that stampers cannot help but consult on a daily basis for a taste of her talent. I'm honored to be on the sidebar. Truly! Thank you!

Hello and welcome to SCS Blogger's Springtime Swap participants. I am guessing that my envelope is waiting for me at work (I haven't been to the office in a week). I can't wait to share the work of my fellow "Group 4" members.

And, a special thanks to Laura over at Whirlpool of Imagination for the blog candy and for a recent tag. I hope to get a chance to respond and offer a more appropriate thanks soon.

So, with that, you must be wondering, what have I've been doing for 20 days. Well, been so very busy since my last post. I've traveled to South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, visiting many wonderful stamp stores along the way and buying some wonderful stamps and accessories along the way. I was even fortunate enough to take a coloring class from this extremely talented stamper. I learned so much and hope to show you some new creations very soon.

I do travel a lot for my job, and it used to not get to me...but, I must say that I can't stand it now. Might have something to do with the Sloopy Dog, but I absolutely dread it. I don't feel successful at all with what I do right now, and so I've initiated a job search that should hopefully yield me a job that is in the city I live in, not all over the country. I'm sorry I can't share more and that I'm being rather cryptic, but I'm at the point where this is what I must do for me. I do not regret my time in my current position, but I truly feel my interests and life changing. When this is all settled, hopefully in the next couple months, I will share all...where I work, my name, etc. And I'll do that on my new computer that I'll have to buy because I only have my work-provided laptop.

So, I'm alive. I'm kinda stressed. But, I'm trying to get myself in the position where I can be happier than what I am now.

Sorry for the long post. Talk with you all soon. Very soon.

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laos348 said...

I was just thinking about you this morning and was getting ready to email you to check on you!! I'm so glad that you updated us and good luck in your search.