Sunday, February 25, 2007

1000th Photo Uploaded

My Dad
Originally uploaded by Buckeye.
Sweet Miss Daisy (who is a stamping celebrity and I'm just way excited to know she visited this little ole blog of mine) said she wanted to see a photo of my most prized possession....well, that kinda threw me for a loop. I wondered, can you claim a person as a possession?

The more I thought about it, I knew that "yes", I could claim a relationship as my most treasured possession...and that would be my relationship with my dad. He is my best friend, and has been for years. He'd do absolutely anything for me. I have very few pictures of him. This one was taken at Niagara Falls on our way to Boston back in 2002. He was driving me to Boston for my job. From Ohio. Yeah, he's that kind of Dad.

Thanks to Heather for the suggestion of a series of my favorites. I'm going to do that within the next week....kinda a fun thing to think about and a fun little photo project to plan.

Thanks to Heather and Anna for participating.

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