Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas, The Buckeyes, and Sloopy~Oh My!

2007 Christmas Card
Originally uploaded by Buckeye
I don't know how I did it, but I did.

I integrated Christmas, the Buckeyes upcoming game, and Sloopy all into one card. This is my 2007 holiday card, that I didn't start making until last weekend. I have cranked out 35 of these and I'm just amazed at how happy this card makes me. Not that there's anything complex or breathtaking about it...just that the subjects all make me very happy.

The dachshund image is from Cowtown Stamps. I drew the sweaters on the dachshunds.

Now if only OSU can hang onto that #1 spot. Hang on Sloopy!


laos348 said...

I love this card! I am so happy to say that I am one of its proud recipient's. Good luck to OSU.

Amber (bambi64) said...

Love the card! Gooooo BUCKEYES!!!