Sunday, September 16, 2007


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I'm here.
I'm still a Buckeye, in the alumni/fan sense of the word, though no longer an employee. If I would have known how great I feel now returning to work in an elementary school as a reading teacher vs. working at the university, I would have left years ago, or at the very least wouldn't have stressed about the change over the course of the summer.

I am back to this blog. I appologize for the lack of updates. I had to give my laptop back to the university, and then waited a bit for my new laptop to arrive. But now, I am back, ready to stamp with all of my free time my job change has created.

For those of you following the above-mentioned saga...I was a trainer at a literacy initative at Ohio State. Prestigious job, but it just got to me. I wanted to simplify my life by eliminating the travel responsibilities. I wanted to be with my dog. And I just wanted a normal, predictable job with holidays and summers off. And, thankfully, that is what I got. My former district "took me back" and I'm forever grateful.

The card you see here is a card I made for a Scarlet and Gray swap over on SCS. It represents the only stamping I've done in a month, during my transition. And, it was quite the quickly constructed card, with the O, i, and o being cut from the Cuttlebug. Still, I like its simplicity, though M says the cheerleader doesn't look like an H...oh, well. And, as I type this, I'm thinking perhaps the i and final o should have been capitalized. Damnit.

But, like I said, now I am back. In mid-August I was fortunate enough to take the best class ever in Peoria, IL with Terry Medaris...color pencil extraordinare. As I post new cards done with color pencils, you'll see his influence.


laos348 said...

Very cute job on the card. I'm glad to see you back stamping and back to blogging. I was wondering how you were doing and am glad that it all turned out in the best way possuble for you.

Alana said...

I grew up in Ohio...thus I love this card. Very cute.